Tuesday, 24 April 2007

"Look at Kieran. pretty in pink"

I like this road safety advert of the teens on camera phone cos it's kind of like a reality check. When it first came out i remember people talking about it and asking if it was real or not.

I like Lynx adverts cos they are usually really funny and tongue and cheek. They are so successful at advertising to their target audience (mainly teenagers) that people outside of this group also find their products desirable (its usually the other way round).They are good at making sexy cheesy ads that don't feel cheesy. I think their style of advertising would work with this campaing especially if they want the ads to be funny. they are targeting the same age group, they have proven their style to be successful, they are sexy and cool. I think it would be really good if Lynx released a range of fragranced sun creams. Then putting on sun cream would also make all your exposed skin smell really nice.
sometimes when you warn people about things they can think to themselves, 'it won't happen to me, if it does it's fate'. Until they are suffering from it they probably won't identify with it unless they know someone with cancer. Seductive advertising makes people aware of the immediate effects/benefits of using sun cream which offers greater incentive to start now rather than something that might or might not happen one day in the distant future when they are alot older. Even if it is death, look at how many people continue to smoke.
Interesting fact:
Any product that contains sun protection over factor 15 can label and advertise itself as an anti- ageing cream and many fancy anti- ageing products are no more than just sun block. Recently an anti ageing cream by Lloreal was banned because the only anti- ageing agent was sun cream even though it was advertised as a night cream. sun damage is the main reason for the appearance of ageing skin.

I like this advert cos it's tackling the issue in a sexy way. which i think is the best angle to approach it. What could be sexier than sun, sea, holidays, getting tanned and rubbing each other up, which is basically what sun screen is all about.Especially for teenagers who are just discovering the world of sex and grooming. it could be seen as just another beauty product. Being young and care free, i am also more likely to be interested in a message filling my imagination with positive images than one thats preeching. I dont like preechy educational adverts that try really hard to show how silly they can be or how unserious and boring they are. They end up making these over jokey ads just to appear young and funky to appeal to our age group. i think most peolpe can see through that and even if they're entertained by the advert they might still not care about the message and just think 'funny advert but it's still a boring message.' It all reminds me of David Brent trying too hard and i think the adverts end up lossing credability.
I think this is a much better way to convince teens to use sun screen, instead of banging on about dOs and Don'ts like a teacher/parent nagging at you to do something boring. and it's even worse when they try and fool you by making out like its all fun and exciting when you know its not cos you've experienced it loads before. its just like when parents try and feed thier kids veg by pretending its a plane. Its almost patronising. I remember when i was a teenager all i wanted to do was seem as grown up as possible so all silly childish things targeted at me would seem really annoying. i think teeagers are old and aware enough to be given the facts as they are in an interesting way and i think they would respond alot better to it cos they can tell they not being played to by some middle aged man desperatly trying to relate to the 'youth'.

Movie beauty Mischa Barton is the latest star to be the face of a health campaign which warns against the dangers of too much exposure to the sun. The actress has been tapped to front the skin awareness for everyone (Safe) campaign, launched by the Institute of Cancer Research and high-street chain Superdrug.